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Brock Gem


Chris and Jen were living in an old and outdated home that was not meeting their needs. They needed more space, and they wanted to live in a beautiful home.

They hired BCR Design Build to design and build them a new luxury modern home.

We met with Chris and Jen to discuss their vision for the home. We then worked with them to create a design for the home that met their needs, met their aesthetic taste, and reflected their values. We used our expertise to make sure that this design would be functional and efficient, as well as beautiful.

We worked with Chris and Jen throughout the building process to make sure that they were comfortable with every step of the construction. The result was an incredible new luxury modern home that was exactly what they wanted!

What we did

2500 sq.ft Luxury Bachelor Pad

Toronto On,

Terrazzo Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Los Angeles, California

Open-plan bathroom